Stunning Resin Bound Driveways in Eastbourne

Choosing a resin surface for your driveway offers an attractive and more robust alternative to the more traditional surfacing options of block paving or tarmac.

Eastbourne's Resin Driveway Specialists

P&D Driveways are resin bound surfacing specialists, and our team install resin driveways, paths and patios in homes across Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. As approved contractors for Addagrip, one of the countries leading manufactures and suppliers of high quality and environmentally friendly resin surfacing systems since 1980, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your resin driveway will be installed to the highest industry standards.

You can choose from a range of natural aggregate finishes, all suitable for resin bound or resin bonded driveways, patios and paths. Decorative, durable and low maintenance - resin is the ideal choice for properties and can be completed in both contemporary and traditional finishes.

There are a number of resin bound options, each offering its own unique benefits: 

Addaset Resin Bound
  • Addaset uses a range of natural and recycled aggregates and offer homes a contemporary, smooth finish with exceptional hard wearing and low maintenance properties. With its seamless bound paving system, it is resistant to cracking and extremely flexible, with the ability to be applied onto concrete or asphalt. Ideal for all driveways, paths, patios and pool surrounds.  
Addabound Resin Bound  
  • Addabound is an attractive range with 25% recycled content and UV stable resin technology. Creating a smooth porous finish that is slip resistant, low maintenance and hard wearing - it makes the perfect driveway, footpath, swimming pool surround and more.
Addastone Resin Bonded
  • Addastone Resin Bonded surfaces offer an attractive, low maintenance and hard wearing surface for driveways and paths. Created by bonding or fixing loose gravel aggregates to concrete, asphalt, wood or metal - this surface appears like loose gravel without the maintenance issues.
Terrabound Resin Bound
  • Terrabound is the most cost-effective solution for large and small commercial projects, with its commercial grade resin bound surfacing system. Offering a contemporary and smooth finish, its low maintenance and durable surface is created using a range of natural aggregates.
Terrabase Rustic Resin Bound
  • Terrabse Rustic is an innovative resin bound surfacing system with 'no-dig/minimum dig' options. With it's natural rustic finish, it provides a decorative and natural surface for driveways and paths. Depending on different factors this surface can potentially be installed directly onto the ground with no (or minimum) digging or edging needed.
Terrabase Classic Resin Bound
  • Terrabase Classic, like Terrabase Rustic, is an innovative resin bound surfacing system with 'no-dig/minimum dig' options. Ideal for pedestrian footpaths, driveways and parking spaces, this contemporary surface can (depending on your requirements) can be applied directly to most suitable surfaces and gradients.

P& D Driveways are fully insured and highly skilled. We are proud to offer the highest quality driveways in the local area at great competitive prices.

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