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Resin Driveways Heathfield

Resin is an excellent alternative to block paving, concrete, or gravel for your new driveway. This versatile material can be applied to a new base or overlaid on an existing one, ensuring a quicker installation process. Get your free driveway quote today!
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Resin Bound Driveways in Heathfield

Resin is the perfect driveway material and offers the perfect alternative to block paving, gravel or concrete.

Resin is a versatile solution, applicable to fresh or existing bases, ensuring a quicker installation process. Once laid and screeded, it forms a durable, low-maintenance surface.

P&D Driveways

At P&D Driveways, explore various textures and resin aggregate colours tailored to your preferences. Resin, a blend of UV stable resin and natural aggregate, creates an eco friendly, hardwearing, and adaptable driveway with a lasting smooth finish that defies fading over time.

As experts in resin bound driveway design and installation, we specialise in restoring older driveways to their original, pristine condition. As a local business, we prioritise delivering exceptional service to our valued customers. Fully insured, experienced, and equipped with the latest tools, we ensure the highest quality workmanship.

The Benefits of a Resin Driveway

A new resin bound driveway offers an affordable way to enhance the appearance of your home or business while increasing its value.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Resin driveways provide a sleek and modern appearance, enhancing the overall look of your property.
  2. Customisation: With various colours and textures available, resin driveways can be tailored to suit your preferences and compliment your home's design.
  3. Durability: Resin bound driveways are highly durable and resistant to cracking, UV damage, and oil stains, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  4. Low Maintenance: Resin driveways are easy to maintain, requiring minimal cleaning and no sealing over time.
  5. Permeability: Resin bound driveways are permeable, allowing water to drain through, reducing the risk of flooding and puddling.
  6. Quick Installation: We can install resin driveways quickly, especially when overlaying an existing surface, minimising disruption to your property.
  7. Environmentally Friendly: Resin bound surfaces are eco-friendly, as they allow water to permeate through, reducing surface water runoff and aiding groundwater recharge.
Resin Driveways in Heathfield - Driveway Specialists
Sandstone coloured resin driveway

Competitive Prices, Outstanding Workmanship

Exceptional craftsmanship at competitive prices is key to our service. We take pride in delivering outstanding work that has generated many 5 star reviews and repeat business.

We are members of the Marshalls Register of Approved Landscapers and Driveway Installers, further assurance you are dealing with a reputable company. Our meticulous groundwork preparation ensures a flawless finish, guaranteeing durability from your resin driveway for years to come.

How much is a Resin Bound Driveway?

Wondering about the cost? Your personalised quote depends on factors like the area size and whether it's a new installation or a resurfacing project. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Resin Bound or Resin Bonded?  

  • Resin bound involves blending resin and aggregate before application, resulting in a solid and consistent finish that maintains complete permeability. This process enhances safety and longevity.
  • Resin bonded driveways entail applying resin onto the surface and pressing aggregate onto it, creating a surface where aggregates are partially embedded in the resin.

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